University of Kentucky Women: Leaders in Time -- Early Coeds

The exhibit "University of Kentucky Women: Leaders in Time" is an expanded on-line version of the physical exhibit created by University of Kentucky (UK) Archives exhibit intern and UK History Ph.D. student Jennifer McCabe for display at the 2017 Sarah Bennett Holmes Award Luncheon sponsored by the UK Women's Forum on March 23, 2017. 

The exhibit poses two central questions--"What is Real Change?" and "When Does Real Change Occur?" -- and seeks to answer them through highlighting notable UK alumna, faculty, and employees - white and of color - who displayed remarkable strength and leadership in ushering in real changes toward full equality with men throughout the 20th century, particularly during times of campus tumult and change.  For example: white women being admitted to the school, white women being allowed to enter all majors and live on campus, racial integration for women and men, Title IX, and various protest movements. Each of these times of tumult have their own separate online exhibit, tied together by the opening title "University of Kentucky Women: Leaders in Time." 

Moving through this exhibit chronologically and thematically, it becomes clear that exact dates for real change and inequality are difficult to pinpoint.  Instead, individual female leaders and groups of UK women fought hard for a long time in order that current UK community members might benefit from their struggle for a better world. And, the struggle continues.

This exhibit "Early Coeds" charts the paths of some exceptional UK women and also explores the experience of the average coed early in the twentieth century. Although white women have been attending the University of Kentucky since the 1880s, women have not always held an equal standing with men. How was their experience different from white male students and why?